Will there be a charge for receiving a new meter?

No. There is no charge to you for receiving an advanced meter. The cost of the meters is part of our operations and we believe that, over time, their effectiveness will continue to help us maintain low rates.

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1. Will there be a charge for receiving a new meter?
2. Will my utility bill increase after I receive an advanced meter?
3. Will my bill look different after I receive an advanced meter?
4. Is the information that’s recorded and transmitted by my advanced meter private and secure?
5. In the past, I could calculate my electric usage by reading the dials on the front of my meter. Can I still do that?
6. Will both electric and water meters be replaced at the same time?
7. Will my power and water be turned off when you replace my meters?
8. Will Anaheim Public Utilities’ staff be installing my new meter?
9. Do I need to be home to have my meter replaced?
10. How will I know the meter has been replaced?
11. What if I am a Lifeline customer or operate medical equipment?
12. What if Anaheim Public Utilities wasn’t able to change out my meter?
13. What if I have any questions regarding advanced meter installation?
14. Does Anaheim Public Utilities sell my information to a third party vendor?