Anaheim Housing Authority 


  • Staff is working remotely during the temporary closure. If you have questions or seek general information, please call (714)765-4320 to leave a message. Our staff will return all calls within 24-48 hours.

  • To learn about the COVID-19 waivers and alternative requirements that the Anaheim Housing Authority has adopted under Notice PIH 2020-05 and Notice PIH 2020-13, please click here.
  • El Verano PBV Waiting List Opening: The Anaheim Housing Authority is opening up a Project-Based Voucher (PBV) waiting list for the El Verano Senior Apartments development on September 08, 2020. Applicants must be at least 62 years old and must be living or working in Anaheim to apply. To learn more and to apply, click here. Applications will only be accepted online. If you are a person with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete the forms OR if you require assistance in a different language, please call 714-765-4320 and leave a message or email Our staff members will reach out within 24-48 hours to assist you. For the public notices in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese click here.
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The Anaheim Housing Authority administers federally-funded programs and grants allocated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the City of Anaheim, CA. The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program offers two housing options: tenant-based and project-based. The tenant-based program allows assisted households to use a rental assistance voucher in open rental market units. And the project-based program ties a voucher to a specific unit in which an assisted household can move into. More information regarding each program can be found below.

Housing Programs include:

  • Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program - allows a participating family to move into a unit of their choice if the property owner has agreed to participate in the HCV Program.
  • Project Based Voucher (PBV) Program - provides rental assistance at selected apartment complexes within the City.  
  • Affordable Housing Lists – The City has agreements with owners of specific units to keep rent levels below regular market rates. As affordable units become available, individuals on the Interest List will be notified by mail of the availability. This is not a rental assistance program.

HUD Programs include:

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program – The CDBG program provides funding to agencies and businesses that provide a benefit to low and moderate income persons, prevent or eliminate slums and blight, or meet needs having a particular urgency.
  • Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program – The ESG program provides funding to nonprofit organizations and public entities sponsoring projects that’s provide a benefit to low-and moderate income homeless persons, provides shelters for the homeless, but also aid in the transition of this population to permanent housing.
  • HOME Investments Partnerships (HOME) Program – The HOME program provides funds to local government’s to implement local housing strategies designed to increase the supply of affordable housing.
  • Housing Opportunity for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Program – The HOPWA program provides funding for housing and related support services of low–income persons living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).