The term “portability” refers to the process of leasing a dwelling unit with tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) assistance outside of the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority that initially issued the voucher, referred to as the initial PHA. The Housing Authority that manages the jurisdiction where the family will be moving to is referred to as the receiving PHA.    

 Within the limitations of the regulations, a participant family or an applicant family that has been issued a voucher has the right to use tenant-based voucher assistance to lease a unit anywhere in the United States providing that the unit is located within the jurisdiction of a PHA administering a tenant-based voucher program  (the receiving PHA) [24 CFR 982.353(b)].

The receiving PHA has the choice of billing the initial PHA for assistance on behalf of the porting family, or of absorbing the family into its own program.

Port Out Process

If you are an Anaheim Housing Authoritty voucher holder and with to move out to a city outside of Orange County, California, you must contact your assigned Housing Specialist in writing and advise of your request to port out.

Your Housing Specialist will determine if you are eligible to receive a voucher to move.

You must follow all policies and procedures of the receiving PHA.

Port In Process

Families wishing to move to Anaheim Housing Authority jurisdiction must notify their current PHA of their request to Port Out to AHA.

For general information on how to Port to Anaheim Housing you may contact: 

Apple Nguyen at ANguyenLe@anaheim.net  or Hermelinda Juarez at  HJuarez@anaheim.net or leave a message at (714) 765-4320.

  • Once your portability paperwork is received, at AHA, you will be contacted for an intake appointment.
  • After your paperwork is processed, you will be invited to a briefing appointment where you will receive your Voucher.