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Anaheim's newly-formed Community Care Response Team, or CCRT, is the next phase of our ongoing efforts to address homelessness, by expanding and enhancing outreach efforts in our city.

We began a soft rollout of the CCRT on Jan. 1, 2021 and continue to ramp up outreach. 

A dedicated Anaheim homeless hotline will be established soon, so stay tuned for a dedicated phone number.

For now, please report complaints online via Anaheim Anytime.

About CCRT

The CCRT is a partnership between the city of Anaheim and our nonprofit homeless outreach partner City Net, approved by the City Council in late 2020.

The team will ultimately work 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week and is made up of outreach workers, mental health clinicians, nurse practitioners and plain-clothes, private security.

The team will also manage a dedicated, live call center to answer calls from residents and businesses related to homeless concerns, as well as calls redirected from the police dispatch line.

The goal of the CCRT is to supplement the work of the Anaheim Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team and the city’s’ existing homeless initiative.

Police will focus on homeless calls that require public safety response. Non-emergency homeless calls will go to the team in an effort to increase outreach focused on providing services, addressing mental health and helping more people out of homelessness.

If you have a complaint or concern regarding homelessness, please submit your complaint online via Anaheim Anytime at