Center City Corridors

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In May 2020, the Vision Plan for the Center City Corridors area was finalized, with extensive input from the local community. The Vision Plan will be the basis for the Center City Corridors Specific Plan. A specific plan is a planning tool used to establish more detailed policies and guidance for future land use, placemaking, mobility, community services and amenities, and infrastructure decisions. This project will be funded by a Caltrans Sustainable Communities grant that was awarded to the City, specifically for this effort.

The Specific Plan process will be approximately 18 months and will include expanded community engagement, stakeholder involvement and technical analyses.

Community Stakeholder Group

The Community Stakeholder Group (CSG) for the Center City Corridors Specific Plan will serve in an advisory capacity to City staff and the consultant team throughout the Specific Plan process. The CSG will represent a range of community stakeholders and interests within Central Anaheim. The CSG will participate in the formulation and assessment of plan alternatives and recommend solutions to identified planning issues. While the CSG will review and comment on key elements of the Specific Plan, it will not have approval authority over the document.

City staff has identified a set of stakeholder groups that would each select a representative to participate in the CSG. An application process has been established to select other “at-large” individuals that may be considered as an at “At-Large” member, if their inclusion would further the goal of the CSG in reflecting the diverse interests of the Central Anaheim community. 

Committee members are expected to commit to attend approximately four to five meetings over a ten to 14 month period. Interested residents that live within the Study Area boundaries may apply. Please read the Community Stakeholder Group Information Sheet for more information and to better understand the time commitment involved.

The CSG meetings will be open to the public, so that anyone may attend, participate and provide input. Notice of all CSG meetings will be sent to the Center City Corridors Specific Plan Email Distribution List. Please sign up for notifications if you haven’t already done so.

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