Family Resources

Websites and Mobile Apps for Kids
Support early literacy development and school readiness

  • Reading Rainbow
    This mobile app for kids offers a trusted library of books and video field trips to visit fascinating people and places. New books and videos are added every week expanding the collection.
  • PBSKids Island
    Together, you and your child can visit PBSKids Island and play learning games for kids that feature PBS favorites such as Sesame Street, Martha Speaks and Super WHY! These educational activities support early literacy development through letter recognition, rhyming and even spelling challenges. 
  • Backyard Phonics Adventure
    This mobile app for kids uses letters and pictures to teach letter recognition and beginning phonics. Children match a beginning sound to a letter or a beginning sound to another picture with the same beginning sound. 
  • Starfall
    Many preschools and elementary schools use as a supplement to an early childhood or early literacy curriculum. This free website includes learning games for kids that teach letter recognition and the corresponding sounds, phonics and more. 
  • Kindermusik
    Kindermusik provides educational activities for kids that support early literacy development, such as eBooks and active listening games. The activities connect what happens in the classroom to the everyday routines and rituals of families.