About Electric Services

Anaheim Public Utilities operates the only municipal electric system in Orange County. That means that the ratepayers of this community own their utility, and therefore, the key decisions concerning its operation can be made right here in Anaheim. 

  • 1 kilowatt (kW) = 1,000 Watts.
  • 1 megawatt (MW) = 1,000 kW - Enough electricity to serve about 750 Anaheim residences.
  • kW and MW - Refer to the instantaneous amount of electricity being used or generated.
  • Peak demand - The highest amount of electricity used during a defined time. Typically over a full hour within a given period. Such as a day, month, season, or year.
  • 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) - Lights ten 100-watt light bulbs or 66 LED equivalent bulbs for one hour.
  • 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) - Lights ten thousand 100-watt light bulbs or six-thousand LED equivalent bulbs for one hour.
  • 1 MWh = 1,000 kWh.
  • kWh and MWh - Refer to the amount of electricity used during one hour.

Did you know?

  • Anaheim residents enjoy the lowest electric rates in Orange County.
  • Anaheim is one of the few Orange County cities that do not collect a utility users tax.
  • Anaheim Public Utilities owns one of the largest municipal solar photovoltaic (PV) system on top of a convention center in the North America. At 2.4 megawatts and consisting of 7,908 panels, the system produces 3.5 million  kWh's  annually, which is enough to power 600 homes in Anaheim.
  • To date, 128 circuit miles of overhead power lines have been placed underground since 1990.
  • Qualifying Anaheim senior, long-term disabled, and military veteran customers can save 10% off their electric bills.
  • The first 300 kWh's a month for typical Anaheim residents are billed at a low lifeline rate – more than 40% lower.
  • Added lifeline allowances are available to customers with medical needs.
  • Qualifying businesses are able to switch to Anaheim's voluntary TOU rate, to save money by operating outside of hours when electric demand is highest.

Electric supply

Anaheim Public Utilities' power supply comes from resources located in Anaheim and across the Western United States. 

Power generating capacity

Anaheim Solar Energy Plant
Anaheim, CA
Solar - renewable
2.1 MW
ARP-Loyalton  Biomass Project   
Loyalton, CA
Biomass - renewable 0.8 MW
Brea Power II
Brea, CA
Landfill Gas - renewable 27.8 MW
Bowerman Power Facility
Irvine, CA Landfill Gas - renewable
19.6 MW
Canyon Power Project
Anaheim, CA Gas 200 MW
Desert Harvest Facility
Desert Center, CA Solar -  renewable
36 MW
High Winds Energy Center
Birdslanding , CA Wind - renewable 6 MW
Hoover Dam
NV/AZ border Large Hydro
40 MW
Intermountain Power Plant
near Delta, UT Coal (Gas 2025) 236 MW
Magnolia Power Project 
Burbank, CA Gas 118 MW
MWD Hydroelectric Project  
LA Basin Area, CA Small Hydro - renewable 9.7 MW
Heber South 
Heber, CA Geothermal - renewable 8.4 MW
Pleasant Valley Energy Center
Evanston, WY Wind - renewable 30 MW
Thermo No.1
Beaver County, UT Geothermal - renewable
11 MW
San Gorgonio Wind Farm
Whitewater, CA Wind - renewable 31 MW
Westside Solar WSP PV1
Lemoore , CA Solar - renewable
2 MW

 Annual Generation Output:   3,192,760 MWh
 Total Owned Generation: 57,876 MWh
 Total Purchased Power:   3,134,885 MWh
                                                                                          Updated February 2020

Distribution system
Transmission, 220kV, circuit miles 1.2
Transmission, 69kV, circuit miles                
Total 89.2
Distribution, 12kV and lower, circuit miles
Overhead 393 primary, 1200 secondary
Underground 741 primary, 973 secondary
Total 1134 primary, 2173 secondary
Substations 14 (including 2 main stations)
Transformer capacity, KVA
220kV to 69kV 1,808,000
69kV to 12kV 1,325,800
12kV to customer 1,856,976
                                                                            FY 2018/19 updated January 2020

Number of meters
Residential 105,260
Commercial 17,879
Industrial 305
Other 117
Other utilities 15
Total meters
FY 2018/19 updated January 2020

Megawatt-hour sales
Residential 598,487
Commercial 758,255
Industrial 932,854
Other 664
Other utilities 830,736
 Total sales  3,120,996

FY 2018/19 updated January 2020

Revenue from sales
Residential $ 99,321,000
Commercial 131,998,000
Industrial 131,553,000
Other 58,172,000
Other utilities 38,138,000
Total sales $459,182,426
FY 2018/19 updated February 2020